Today Is October 4th

So today is October 4th the day before my birthday, I honestly have nothing planned because I’ve never been the one to plan things. I generally just sit around the house and not do a whole lot that’s my typical birthday. Although my gut tells me tomorrow is going to be different, something tells me I’m going to get ken-napped … Not in a bad way but I can see my girlfriend showing up wanting to take me out for the day or she may just want to sped time with me around the house. Or she may end up just sleeping in all day which is fine too. I know she hasn’t been sleeping that great recently so I wouldn’t be mad at her if she didn’t come over. I’m not saying that I don’t want her to come over, I’m just saying if something happened and she didn’t, I would be understanding even though I know that she would beat herself up about it no matter how much I would tell her it’s no big deal since clearly she was tired and that’s what her body has been trying to tell her.

I also know the tv show called Big Mouth is coming out with season two on netflix tomorrow, I do plan on checking it out since I watched season one, it’s crude, it’s funny… OK It’s very fucking funny

I may buy some music later before I goto bed, but for now back to the movie, I’m currently watching The Outcasts while I type this

Hopefully I”ll be back later to post again



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