The Day After

Here I sit the day after.. Reminiscing
There was no confetti, no streamers, no big party
I’m not much of a party person, I tend to spend most time alone.

Watching netflix on my birthday, I took the entire day to watch a ten episode show
After a few episodes I would break off and go do something else, my mind wouldn’t stop
It was nice to make a show last for a day.

Around 4pm Mom called me from the cottage, for the last at least twenty years she would take off up there, spending thanksgiving with a group of people.
The group would change over the years as people would pass as they tend to do so.

Mom later called me around six, seemed a bit odd two phone calls in a day, she then told me that Uncle Bill passed away.
He’s been fighting cancer, at times we got good news, other times not so much.

On October 4th Mom told me he was given two weeks to live, I couldn’t imagine.
But it turned out the next day is when his body called it quits.
He’s in a better place now.

We would always talk sports, his favorite was baseball. He was a stats man
He also told me about a documentary about Trailer Park Boys that he seen. It was them just starting out. I’ve thought about checking out the show on a few occasions. I haven’t done so.

I’ve talked about it a bit more recently, I don’t know if I will or not.
I have mixed feelings about doing so.
Was hoping a few different things for yesterday.

Simple things like nice weather, thought about going for a walk maybe but it was cool, it rained in the afternoon so it got brushed off.
Wanted to see my girlfriend, she got called into the hospital. I’m understanding about it

I know she feels bad that she didn’t get a chance to come over. But I know we’ll get together to celebrate since I know how much it bugged her that she didn’t get the chance.

I also wish I didn’t get that bad news, but I guess being 37 I would rather get it on the day rather than the next day and feel like it was being held from me because of my birthday. If I was younger I could understand why one would hold that news. Now it just seems like a fact of life.



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