Diary Of Ken – The Visit – Chapter 1

So I’m now at my Aunts and have been here for the better part of the day, it’s been interesting . While my Mom and two aunts were trying to decide what to do for dinner I swear it seemed like I was in a nature show and all I could do was sit and watch quietly.

I haven’t really done much since I’ve been here, had chinese for dinner and my stomach has been bothering me a bit… I’ve also felt rather depressed being here but I’ve been trying to hide it from everyone else because nobody else needs to know who is in this house.

Its odd being here since my Uncle passed away, I’m so use to walking into the house and hearing some sort of sports playing from the tv and filling the house with that sound. However it is something that you grow to miss specially after countless years of having that.

By the time I started to write this everyone has gone to bed.. With not doing a whole lot I don’t have much to say, hopefully more tomorrow… Doubtful but who knows



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