Diary Of Ken – The Visit – Chapter 2

Alright so this is my second day here, first let me tell you I slept like shit.. shortly after I wrote chapter 1 I called it a night… I had six blankets on my bed, I woke up 4 times feeling cold.. I was actually shivering, to the point where I went downstairs to the couch and grabbed two more blankets I mentioned that when I woke up at 8am and now I have yet another blanket which really makes me wondering if I’m getting sick or not.

So shortly after I got up, had a hot chocolate, have to buy more next time I head out since I drank my aunt’s last one and I want to replenish things for her… I then chose to get out of the house and do some shopping so we went to a mall, this mall is fucking huge.. There was a skating rink in it, full size and I was watching two teams play hockey… and by hockey I mean ice hockey… the night before I sold an item on ebay so I ventured to the post office in the mall to drop it off, I know it’s not going anywhere until Monday but it’s out of my hands so it’s considered shipped..

I then ventured around and came across a movie store called Cinema 1, there’s a few locations around Ontario… I picked up Ted & Ted 2 on Blu-ray for $5 each… but the bonus thing is, it wasn’t just blu ray… both were: Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Codes … I have the dvd’s at home, so why buy the blu-rays ? … my ex (who is still living with me) will be moving out in the new year and all of our dvds we split when we bought them so now it’s either her buying dvds to replace things or I am .. so being the nice guy I am I buy some blu-rays and the dvd’s that we had I give them to her..  Just trying to help her out at this moment I know some of you will think I’m an idiot and will think that I should make her do everything but I try to help out when I can… It’s the nice guy in me..

After the first trip to the mall we came back to the house for lunch, we all finished our Chinese food from the night before, I had next to nothing left but my aunt had a ton of rice so I got most of that since she wasn’t crazy about it. The two aunts and mom went back to the same mall I stayed home and surfed and did things on the computer to help fix it up.. after a few hours they got home, shortly after that dinner was made. We all sat around and talked, but I kept my tablet handy so I could easily look at that and see if I had any email or if anyone messaged me… They called it a night around 10ish they all finally got into bed around 1030.

That was my day, Oh and also during my down time I spent a bit of it talking / cuddling / petting… Pup, yes I’m a big kid, I brought a little plush dog with me… So why is his name Pup ?… I had a real dog that was black (with a white spot on his chest) whom we named Buddy. But my nickname for Buddy was “Pup” cause no matter how old he got he always reminded me as a pup… So when Buddy passed I was sad and while out once I found this little plush guy whom I bought and named Pup to keep me company when I was feeling down..
I think Buddy passed in 2006 or 2007 it wasn’t long after Dad passed who passed December 20th 2005.. Dad died in a car accident… I’m sure I’ll reflect on this more as that day gets closer as I always do.

So that was my day, oh and one last thing… Between posting Chapter 1 and going to bed last night I uploaded a bunch of my youtube videos.. I’ll post my youtube link in due time I want to get all my videos online. I normally post every video when it goes online but that’s mainly because my connection is slow, right now at my Aunt’s it’s rather fast so I’ve been uploading in bulk so when I get them all done I’ll post my youtube channel link so everyone can view it…

Well that was my day.. Time to goof around a bit and hopefully talk to my girlfriend before I crawl into bed to sleep..



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