Diary Of Ken – The Visit – Chapter 3

Last night after I finished chapter two I crawled into bed… got talking to my girlfriend for a bit and I feel like I broke her… I sent her something on facebook and she was shocked that I sent it and could barely speak after it…  Which sucks in a way cause I love talking to her it helps me take my mind off the previous day..

Anyways when I got to sleep, as per normal as of late I woke up a few times during the night which sucked but I managed to get back to sleep rather quick which was rather nice.. I woke up at first at 8am and thought it was too early so I went back to bed I finally got out of bed at 10am…

Me, mom and the two aunts sat around waiting for my sister and her husband to come over for lunch from London.  they came we had lunch and sat around and talked about various subjects as family does… I took a photo of my aunt’s Christmas tree and posted on facebook which she some what complained about but I know she didn’t care.. I also posted it on my Instagram but I know she has no idea about that account since the two aren’t linked
While my sister and her husband were here my sister had a glass of wine, as I watched the wine get poured I knew that minute that we were staying inside for the day and not going shopping so my brain started to think.. I did a bunch of online shopping and made the decision to turn my computer into a wireless computer at home so I bought a wifi adaptor to do that, it should get to my house before I do.. but I know I’ve been having problems with my computer staying hard wired at times, so what’s the problem you ask ? … you know on the end of the ethernet cable… similar to a phone line you have that clear plastic part that you plug into the wall or the phone and it’s got the locking mechanism on it that when you push it in you hear “click” ? .. mine fell off a while ago so at times if I move my tower it will come unplugged… so with making it wireless I know that won’t happen anymore and I’ve thought about this for a while really decided to do it because my aunts pc is wireless and I’ve had no problems with it… It didn’t cost me much around $24 ..
if it turns out it’s not good for me then I can either send it back to amazon (the store not the rain forest) or keep it and deal with the fact that I dropped $24… but it should work fine I’ve done lots of wifi in the basement and haven’t had many problems so I’m sure this will cause me little to no problems plus it’s small enough that it’ll be hidden in the back and I’ll no doubt forget about it.

So I’ve been on the computer basically all day or on my tablet or on my chromebook since I’ve been stuck in the house I know I don’t have much to do, besides that and answer random questions about facebook, how to use facebook and why do certain things on facebook and how to do certain things on facebook… I have never felt so stupid in my life… I felt like everything I was saying confused them both.. I was trying to give them a some A to B answer and they wanted to do A to G  .. do seven steps that they don’t have to do when they can do it in one. I later gave up on explaining things.

after dinner I basically came back up to the computer and been here ever since surfing, shopping, thinking …. that sort of thing.. I know I haven’t wrote any poetry since being here but I always like expanding and by the looks of things people like reading this stuff too both on here and on another site I post on..

So that’s been my day, I’m being told that we’re going shopping tomorrow, but I think that’s weather permitting because it’s raining right now. Hope it doesn’t freeze over night.. I’ll no doubt be on the chromebook again for a bit tonight as well as my tablet… who knows what I’ll be doing.


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