Diary Of Ken – The Visit – Chapter 4

Once again I slept like shit however in the evening I found that the vent in the bedroom that I’m sleeping in was closed, so I opened it so hopefully that’ll make the difference for tonight..

I was awake by 8am and once again I went shopping with Mom and two Aunts, did a bunch of Christmas shopping, still have more to do not sure when I’ll finish it but I’m not worried it won’t take me long to finish. I bought a few things for me, I helped one of my Aunts with one of her purchase and I found that Mom gets offended by fucking everything.. She was at Walmart and a lady came up to her and said “excuse me but would you like to come this way for me to cash you out” … she took it as she’s old and feeble … I later said to Mom “it wasn’t that, not all self check outs accept anything but credit card, the Walmart’s close to us only do credit card they don’t even do debt/interac so many people think they can do cash and that’s no doubt why she said what she did was because mainly the older folks use cash more times than the younger crowd..” it made me shake my head at her… But she’s one of the people who think that she’s always right it makes me sick that she’s not willing to learn, I don’t know how she expects to survive in a fast growing world.. everything has to be her way all the fucking time..

I could sit here and no doubt write a 50 page book about my Mom and call it “shit my mom says” but honestly I bet if I did someone would read it and say “no one would say that shit he’s making that up”.

I’ve often joked about that with Mom… I wonder if I made a cover for it and sent it to her how she’d react… I think I might have to do that because as she says “I like your sense of humour” but at times I don’t think she gets it

She makes me shake my head a lot and I know I’m not the only one who does I know my brother and sister are no different.

So we’re now home and done shopping for the day, my Aunt Ann is hoping to get a call so that her new stove comes in tomorrow. I made a deal with her if she wants to accept it, just basically “I’ll stay home and if they call saying they’ll be here in X many hours, I’ll call you and you come home… but you will owe me a trip to giant tiger” since they’re going to giant tiger tomorrow and I want to check out a few things there.. she doesn’t think there coming tomorrow if they don’t call.. I’m just trying to help out.

I have a headache from the 3 of them, more so from Mom.. I always have a hard time being around her for long periods of time since I swear she’s bipolar with how much her mood fluctuates.. I start to understand why my brother and sister drink.. more so my brother.. I gave up drinking I watched basically my family turn from Jekyl to Hyde (basically be two completely different people when they’re not drinking to when they’re drinking) so that’s what made me stop, that’s one reason.. Another reason is because I didn’t want to end up like my father.. My father and I didn’t get along much at times, we always seemed to be at each other’s throats. Especially the last few years of his life.

So that’s been my day, if anything more significant happens I may add a part 2 …



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