Diary Of Ken – The Visit – Chapter 5

Last night I slept alright, kinda sad that I didn’t talk to my girlfriend much but I know that happens since she’s a busy little girl.. As per usual since being here I’ve had a hard time falling asleep… I watched a few things on youtube with my ear buds in and listened to music after that to try and calm me down but neither worked that well.. I woke up a few times during the night as I have been… no doubt cause I had trouble getting comfortable.

As for today, what did I do today… hmmm … woke up, did a bit of shopping, went to giant tiger, a dollar store and Aunt Aleta has had a craving for pita’s so she treated all of us to pita pit so that was dinner as we brought that back here.. but we were only out for about an hour since we had to sit around and wait for my Aunt Ann’s stove to get here but they didn’t really talk much about going to many stores either way so it was just the two of them then snag up dinner and back home we go.

Once we got back here we ate and just kinda sat around three of us played on our tablets as Aunt Aleta doesn’t have one, I don’t think she’d be good on one but I know it’s a learning thing and I’m sure when we all first started we weren’t the greatest with them either…
But while we played on our tablets Aunt Aleta coloured as the two aunts and Mom enjoy colouring in the adult colouring books usually when they do that if I’m around I venture up to the computer or see what’s on tv.
I was hoping my cousin Paul would have shown up today but it didn’t quite work out like that as we were talking sports and music since he use to play in a band and still dabbles with making music. He talked about getting a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on his laptop to make music with so we got talking about that sort of thing and what I use yesterday and I sent him links, he doesn’t have a personal facebook account he just does everything through his fiancée’s  I haven’t heard back from him about anything yet..

The topic of us going home tomorrow has came up, I think it’s going to happen since it’s calling for a bit of snow tomorrow and the next day and Mom is hoping that we get home before things get worse than what they are.. We have seen a few flurries while being here but nothing stayed on the ground..

I know when I get back home I’m going to end up sleeping a lot.. since I’ve had trouble getting comfortable and at times getting warm here so I can see me falling asleep when I get comfortable infront of the tv. But that’s fine…

I know I have a few jobs to do when I get home like change up my hard drive , well my back up drive since the current one keeps giving me issues and I bought one before coming out I just haven’t had the chance to shuffle my files from one to the next. That will take a few hours, but I’m ok with that..

I’ve had an on/off headache since being here since at times they like to drill me with questions and I’ve already been warned that Aunt Aleta will be bringing her laptop by the house, so I can show her how to do a few things… I already know how this will go, I’ll show her once and the one time will equal to I have to show her how to do it 8-10 times. She’s not really good with technology but Mom and Aunt Ann are better and they talk about how they do … things so easily and Aleta gets lost so she starts questioning me but trying to explain it to her isn’t easy… I do it the best I can but I know she gets confused.. She’s got two kids who are older than me, I don’t know why she doesn’t ask them… Oh yeah I do, the daughter is annoying as shit and refuses to help the mother and the son I don’t know what his technical skills are like. Even though he’s on facebook and he does play video games too.. But for some reason I’m the one who gets dragged into all of this like I enjoy it.. I don’t.. Cause I always have a hard time explaining things to people and they always turn to me and say “is there another way for me to do that an easier way ?” I show them the easiest way and I tell them that and I also tell them there is one other way and it’s super simple, you just don’t do it…  Dad use to give me shit all the time when I say that because I have to be patient … yeah I get that, but when you start asking me dumb as fuck questions I get annoyed and frustrated because to me it’s like your trying to see what all you can get away with… Or the other thing they tend to do when I show them… I’ll show them step one like how to save a picture from the web, and they’ll say “Ok so how can I send this to five people ?” so my way of doing things is “are you sure you understand what I showed you ?, do you know this step ?” … at which point Dad would give me shit about it and I would say to him “if they don’t understand step one what’s the point of me showing them how to do something more advanced ?” he would tell me “it’s your attitude” I never had an attitude I just want them to learn… otherwise I might as well do every fucking thing for them on the computer…  For the record my father was terrible at computers and we tried to teach him and he refused to learn.. he tried for a bit but always felt “stupid” and I would always tell him “we all had to learn, it takes time, I got bad grades in typing classes but they clearly paid off” … he refused to listen… in all honesty again… there was no talking to my father, we didn’t get along. At times I felt like I was his worst enemy and we spoke two different languages cause we never understood each other and always at each others throats.
Sadly I feel the same way about Mom, I feel like I’m her worst enemy and we speak two different languages.
Her favorite line to use is “there’s no talking to you kids” … she’s sadly not much different cause there’s no talking to her either at times, but I’m sure that’s similar for everyone.

WOW this has to be my longest post I’ve done I’m currently at 1174 words .

So that was my day, I’m now back on the computer as I type this and one part of me hopes we go home tomorrow, just various things I miss about it.

So that’s all for now, I doubt anything more significant will happen tonight since everyone is now in bed and I’m goofing around online while I charge my tablet..

Anyways time to try and figure out what to do until I crawl into bed..



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