Life Is Interesting

So two years ago I had I think 3-4 sites that I had created and placed online and was happy to update them at times regularly… Now here I sit I have one site… Two out of three domain’s point to this one site. I have had many thoughts of putting one of my other sites online, I’ve spent a few hours some days thinking about doing so but here I sit and it’s not online… It has to do with fantasy wrestling, I honestly don’t think I have an interest in it anymore.. In wrestling that is.

It’s similar to sports I had one dedicated to fantasy sports online too, but it vanished cause I pulled it, I currently still play the fantasy sports but in all honesty I bet when I get home… within the next 2 days my games will be removed from the computer. I kept them on for something to do, but as of late I found I really didn’t have any interest in doing so and I struggled to get myself to sit down to do them.. I’ve been at my Aunt’s for almost a week and I never once thought about them until today when I typed this.

When my cousin Paul came over whose big into sports and he knew I was, he got talking sports and he looked at me looking for my thoughts and I looked at him and said “honestly Paul, I haven’t watched hockey in like two years if not longer.. I think last year I put on one game and it was just to check out Vegas Golder Knights” and he seemed surprised.. We talked Raptors and I said to him “I’ve thought about checking out a raptors game but I don’t think I would honestly, that spark isn’t there” I use to talk sports to my Dad and a few friends… Well Dad died in 2005 and I really have no friends, I got a few who post stuff about sports  and I read the articles at times and comment but it takes me a lot to do that.

My interest has changed drastically, the sports thing doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe it’s cause my creative side always wants out and I want to watch things that inspire creativity like a good movie or tv show and think how can I write about something similar since lets face it we all draw our inspirations from something.

At times I have big inspirations to create music, but those died.. I don’t really have that inspiration anymore.. Even though everything that I have created is still online, it will just remain where it is.. I don’t care.. It’s like the videos I’ve shot over the years.. I posted them on youtube, you know why ? … just so they are up for viewing… I don’t care if nobody views them. I had the interest for a while about doing more but honestly I don’t do anything in my life anymore. I don’t goto any interesting places or anything like that I’ve gotten that boring.. I guess I’ve stopped the music, stopped the videos and just went to text.. At times I know I don’t write much, I use to force it out at times just because people say “to get an audience you have to write constantly” I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care.. So much so that for the longest times I’ve quit using tags.. I know my stuff will never be popular, that’s not why I write.. I write to let my creativity out at times.

Who knows what your going to get from me

but that’s basically where I am… I also use to like reading, I’ve bought books with the intent on reading, but I haven’t..

Back to my very boring life…



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