eBook Distribution

For the last few years I’ve been using Smashwords for my distribution platform cause I like the community that surrounds it. However about a month ago I decided to drop all the “voices in my head” and just write under my real name..

With that being said I think I am going to try a new distribution company too, the new one is called BookRix it will get me on Amazon plus it’ll get me on google play, I’m already on google play but this way I don’t have to manage it.. It will also get me on everything else I’m already on.

So from here on out that’s what I’m going to be using, I’m sure my numbers won’t be as high as they are on smashwords but I’ve also noticed that those numbers have been dropping, I don’t know if it’s because they dont’ send the information to smashwords or what’s going on but here’s hoping this will help me in both long and short runs of my writing.


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