As People Get Ready

So everyone is getting ready, making the final preparations for Tuesday, some are even jumping in the car to go visit family for that day. My Tuesday will be rather boring as it has been, at times it’ll be more depressing. Just going to be spending it with Mom, my brother and myself.
The unwrapping of gifts usually only lasts a matter of a few minutes, but this year it’ll be even shorter, much like recent years when we only unwrap stuff from people in the house where as with Mom’s boyfriend we all wait until the evening for when he shows up to unwrap his gifts since the morning and the better part of the day he spends it with his Mom. Then either for dinner or just after dinner he shows up, hangs out for  a bit and eats (if he’s here in time for dinner) then we unwrap gifts that he brought.

If I remember correctly I don’t think we unwrapped gifts the first time last year until close to 4pm. I just didn’t want to get out of bed at the time so after a while my brother ventured back home since Mom told him “just let him sleep”.

The last few years we’ve talked about doing a no gift Christmas so that no one buys any gifts for each other and it’s really Mom’s choice if she wants to put up the tree or not, so far it’s just been talk. But I think we’re getting much closer to doing that, I think we should. Since in the family I’m the youngest and while this year I had about 10 items on my list, most of it was movies and gift cards. I had a few video games I think I listed 3, plus 3 bigger ticket items that I made mention on my list “can wait until summer” since I know Mom is a bit more strapped for cash than normal at this time of year.

I left out one video game that I’ve been kind of itching to play, because I was going to perhaps splurge and get it sometime between my birthday and now but it didn’t happen for one reason or another. So I may just splurge on Christmas or Boxing day and buy the download for it so that I have it whenever I finish the download., or at least that’s the plan right now. I don’t know if it’s going to happen or not like that but that is the plan that I have in my mind.

Well I guess I’m done here…



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