New Category ?!?

I normally don’t do a single post talking about me adding a new category to my blog cause honestly who cares right ?. But I know I really haven’t posted much this year and was kinda itching to get something new posted.

So the new category that I’m thinking about adding to the blog is “Windows 10” … If you don’t know me personally what you won’t know is that I’m a geek at heart, I’ve always loved testing new features in windows and helping to submit reports if I come across any problems as well as talking about it with people. Well I got off of being a windows insider last year because of having problems with one build and chose to take a break from it well I’m thinking about going back to it.

Every few months Microsoft asks it’s insiders to submit (if they’re interested) to be a windows insider mvp which you get a few small perks from it, I tried it recently and got told I wasn’t selected and was told a few options to help increase my chances and one of those was to write on a blog. Which got me thinking, well I have a blog.. In fact I have my own blog.

Currently that’s what I’m thinking about doing, nothing is officially set in stone at this point in time it’s just something that I’m thinking about doing, so it would be something that I would randomly toss into the mix of everything else that I’m doing on here. Giving my own personal insight as well.


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