Haven’t Been On…

I haven’t been on lately and by that I mean in general not so much to post but I really haven’t gotten on my computer…

You see Mom’s boyfriend was having trouble with an old computer of his that he wanted to give Mom since Mom’s computer is painfully slow.. But he’s been talking about this for about two years now and just have been too busy to bring it over which I understand cause he is very busy at times… So I finally convinced him to bring it over and the problem he was having was he couldn’t copy files from the internal hard drive to an external source (hard drive / thumb drive / SD card) it kept crashing explorer… I told him I would fix it so the first thing I did was got all the windows updates since he doesn’t update windows (he’s on limited bandwidth, very limited) anyways so that didn’t fix it.. My next step was start to uninstall everything under the sun.. so I started to do just that.. First shot I removed about 56 programs one after the other… just a rapid succession of uninstalls… but that didn’t fix the problem.. So I got looking at programs he had installed and he had one called “Winlocker” so I asked him if it was OK if I removed it or if he needed it for something.. He told me he had no idea where it came from.. So I removed it and BAM everything was fucking gold.. He could transfer shit without a problem. So I lent him my 2TB external so he could copy all the files he wanted to it so I could wipe that computer that he wants to give Mom… he got everything transferred so I began to remove the rest of the programs… Of course the computer had windows 7 on it, he wanted it upgraded to windows 10 and I’ve been having trouble doing that but I think I found what I overlooked from minute one.. Only time will tell.

So Mom will have a very fast computer to use from now on when she gets back home since right now she’s over at Ralph’s. Or that’s what I’m hoping, since I hope that I have it up and running by the time she gets home.

That’s what I’ve been busy doing with all the time I have..

I slept like shit last night too cause my brain kept going to the portion of “how can I solve this problem ? I know I can solve it, but how ?” .. well after trying to fix the problem all day I think I finally solved it but I won’t know until later tonight since right now Mom’s computer is running the fix.. So here’s hoping. I may do a follow up post to this or I may not I don’t know.. or I may just edit this post later and say if I fixed it or not in the morning.

If I fixed it then I’m almost done with it, if I didn’t fix it then I still have work to do, not sure how much but I still have a bunch to do..

Time to try and relax for a bit before I goto bed.



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