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Imma Just Do Me

For the last countless years of my life, I tried to fit in with groups.
Willing to wear masks, paint my face and write murderously
In hopes of being accepted, in hopes of finding acceptance.

Last year I put all that behind me when I dropped my writing name
Picked up my real name and said..

Imma just do me
Imma just do me
Imma just do me

Anything my mind feels, it’s going to come out.
Any subject I want to speak on, it’ll be spoke
May not be the most politically correct
But since when does that matter anymore

I remember when I took the leap I was nervous
Didn’t know if I was up for it, didn’t know if I would regret it.
Think I always secretly hated my writing name, was ashamed of it.

But I didn’t want to use my real name, cause I know how my family gets.
If they seen my old writing, they would freak out.
Was already sent to a psychiatrist for writing something.

Yup back in high school.
But from here on out

Imma just do me
Imma just do me
Imma just do me



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