Going To Fast…

Every so often I like to take a day or two in order to fast, I think it’s really the only thing that I do that includes the word fast hahaa. Depending on your weight I don’t think it’s a dangerous thing to do, in fact I think it can be healthy. With weighing over 200lbs now and then I like to do it, take a day and not eat. I have noticed that with myself going the odd day or two without eating I’ve never noticed any bad side affects.

In fact at times I find that I actually do sleep better when I do it, so I think I’m going to do that today, I may continue into tomorrow but honestly I don’t really feel hungry at this point in time. I haven’t ate anything at this point in time today, I usually just eat when I’m hungry and as of late I feel like I’ve been eating way too much. I think it depends on who I’m around, certain people when I’m around them I feel like I always have to eat, maybe that’s why I haven’t been feeling that great the last day or two.. Too much crap so I need to fast and let my body eat what it already has.

I like that idea, the longest I’ve gone is 3 days, that was during the end of summer. Things went well, until I had a rather warm bath and that’s when I noticed I felt rather dizzy after.. I don’t think it was the bath that caused it, I think it’s because I stood up too fast and got dizzy. I didn’t pass out or fall over, I sat down and after a few moments the dizziness passed.

So at this point in time that’s the plan…



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