Celebrate Small Accomplishments

So this is 2019 and we’re officially twelve … Yeah that’s right 12 days into this year and I have decided that I’m going to celebrate small accomplishments because even though they’re small they are still accomplishments.

Starting with this…

The last release of 2018 was “Fading Away” and up until this very date it has 9 downloads.. I’m not saying it’s terrible because to be honest poetry really doesn’t get read when it comes to ebooks, as if your writing poetry your best to post it on a blog or small user communities because people really don’t go searching for it anymore. Or maybe it’s just me that they don’t want to read ? I honestly don’t know… I do have a few ideas that I’ll be testing out this year in terms of my poetry… but anyways back to the celebratory of small accomplishments …

Not to repeat myself but:
Fading Away – 9 Downloads – Release Date was: December 27 2018

Latest release:
Ken’s Guide To The Galaxy – More Probing – Release Date was: January 9 2019

The download count for Ken’s Guide To The Galaxy is 20… yes 20 it’s only been out in the market for two full days right now and it’s doubled my previous release.

For those of you who love my poetry, don’t worry.. I’m not giving up on it, it’s something that I’ve always written and always will. But I like to write anything that my mind comes up with because it may catch someone’s eye who wasn’t taking a chance on my poetry only to have them swoop in and say “Damn this guy has some talent” Since most writers tend to stay with one subject and since I’ve been writing I’ve touched on subjects such as:
Poetry, Horror, Erotica & Sci-Fi .. Plus a bunch of short stories along the way

I have millions of ideas to write about and I won’t be going anywhere… I may even invite a few friends to join me along the way.



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