It’s Amazing

It’s amazing how things quickly turn, when I chose to express concern.
About what I actually think someone should do to make themselves better
In retrospective I should have kept my mouth shut and let people choose the path they want.

But what can I say they asked me for my advice so I chose to give it
Was I wrong, I didn’t think so but I now get the feeling that I am.
It don’t matter, all I’ve been trying to do is what I thought was right.
I bet the person heard differently from there friends and perhaps got told off.

I should have just told them to do what they want and called it a night.
Shut down for the night and starred at the tv from it’s own glowing light
But yet I laid there tossing and turning wondering how one could do certain things
As I watched my device get lit up, similar to how a phone rings

Slowly I reached over to grab it and see what response I had for my thoughts
I read it and shook my head when I laid there in bed
Starting to wonder if what I said didn’t make sense, since I’ve been fighting a cold
Maybe my words got messed up between my brain and finger tips and something didn’t sound right.

But yet there I lay thinking I was the one who was doing right.
Guess one will never know if what I did was truly right or try wrong
It’s just the same old response with the same old song



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