Watched it all unfold in your eyes, almost like your a puppet and someone else is pulling the strings.
Actually knowing you and the way you do things, you are a puppet and I’m sure I know the various guys pulling those strings.
It all started Monday, I went out in minus thirty to shovel the driveway before you got home.
You thought it was a sweet gesture that I would go out in the cold and do something like that, walked up within a foot away from me and stood there silent, almost like you were getting words from someone else saying “don’t do it” and “I forbid you to do it” you stood in silence for about thirty seconds before you turned and walked away.

Tuesday evening you were looking sad before I climbed into bed, I thought I would try to comfort you, so I gave you a hug and you stood there unsure of what was happening, I forgot I’m not in your inner circle anymore, so the powers that pull your strings have told you to stop.
It’s like overnight you’ve turned yourself into a joke, yet you still try to boss me around. Wonder how that’s working for you when you must find yourself doing more now than before.

But I know all these years someone else was pulling your strings, you never really were in the relationship with me, you were doing what someone else wanted you to. You were acting much like an actress but you clearly got cut from that part, sent your walking papers out of the blue. You went from someone who tried to get me to talk to to someone who I have deemed unapproachable

I still try to do the odd nice things from now and then, but it’s the way I am. But those get smaller and smaller, I know your birthday is coming up.. I will choose to ignore it since that’s what you wanted from me last year to act like I don’t exist for another day. Shouldn’t be too difficult to ignore your existence considering you won’t be in the house for the day. Wonder what your boyfriend is getting you, or all six of them…

You always said you weren’t high maintenance, yup you are..
But I no longer have to pay for that maintenance package, that’s for damn sure.



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