Mouth Lies, Legs Tell Truth

Funny all those lies that you kept telling me when we were together, then you wanted to stage it where you were reading an article and kept saying “this is so me”
Claiming quietly that you have hypoactive sexual desire, thirteen years you kept claiming that and you barely touched me.
We split and your legs can’t open fast enough. Already looking for new comers

Guess old habits die hard with you, since you use to surf the net for guys.
Now it seems you have all these guys flocking towards you saying how much they loved you.
But yet you continue to bad mouth me under your breath, it’s funny. You don’t seem to have a problem living under this roof.

Guess with everything being given to your for basically free, why should you move.
But your mouth has already gotten you into trouble around here.
I’m not the only one who’ve noticed a difference in terms of how you have been.
Since your last date, I’m sure you’ll be going on another one soon enough.

Wonder how many suitors you have already, you telling them all you don’t want a relationship, but willing to climb into bed with each of them.
People always told me to watch for the walk of shame.
Sadly that slut doesn’t have shame.

Either the problem was me or you had something else going on behind my back.
I would point it towards you had something else going on in hopes of me not finding out.
Your entire life had this one big secret covered up by your lies and deceit, only certain people knew it. But yet you never let me peak under the curtain you kept ignoring it.

It’s funny how quick the truth gets spread out.
They can all have you, specially once you leave this house, oh yes you will leave this house. I know you will be moving, when the nicer weather gets here I’ll be sure to start dropping hints.

But the only thing your dropping is your panties to the floor of everyone you go around.
Let’s not forget the latest bullshit of you telling your friend that your a lesbian, guess you really want to climb in bed with anyone possible.



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