This is going to end badly… Updated 02/07

Welcome to my first post about Technology, I actually just added this category today within second before typing this. No this doesn’t mean that I’m back to being a windows insider, I have decided to stay away from that for the time being. I just feel at this time I don’t have the time to dedicate towards being one that I would like to donate to.

Anyways so the fine people of posted an article that popped up on my facebook feed last night that apparently Microsoft and Mozilla engineers have been kinda going blow for blow on twitter or so it seems. Now for those who don’t know Mozilla are the fine people behind Firefox, I’ve used firefox for a number of years now and since some time in 2018 I have adopted Chrome as my main browser although like all windows 10 users I also have Microsoft Edge on my computer but it’s nice to have Chrome since I can sync my bookmarks & addons with my tablet & chromebook.. I’m aware that I can do the same sync with firefox however my chromebook won’t allow me to add another browser at this time which is one reason why I chose to go with Chrome as my browser.

What many people don’t know who use windows and no doubt surf using Microsoft Edge are unaware of is that later this year (2019) the microsoft edge that you know it will be changing no doubt kind of drastically.. How so you ask ? it’s actually quite simply explained, microsoft edge was built from the ground up by the people at Microsoft  <- simple right ?.. building a browser seems simple since they’ve done it before with various variations of Internet Explorer in the past.. However for the last few years the web has standards and by that I don’t mean that if you don’t follow them it means your going to fail miserably in what you do… What I mean is that the standards that the internet has is rather simple and they try and make it so that ones website can easily be viewed as best as possible through any browser that one uses no matter what it’s based on. For 99% of people I honestly don’t think they give a flying fuck about the web standards but if your a developer you tend to want your stuff to look good on all mediums because you want everyone to have the ability to view/surf/read and enjoy your web content…

Well because of one thing or another microsoft edge has been having a few problems in terms of keeping up with the web standards which is understandable because that sort of thing tends to move at a fast pace so what they have decided to do is to drop the microsoft edge that you currently have and replace it with a new version of microsoft edge which is backed by Chromium .. which yes is the same thing that runs Google Chrome, this has annoyed a number of users because of some questionable practices that google has had in the past, but honestly I think they all do the same thing in one way or another

I personally think it’s a strong move by Microsoft to adopt a Chromium backed browser, but Mozilla started the argument saying it’s a step in the wrong direct and tweets were hurled back and forth by both groups. Everyone has there own personal thoughts on the subject, such as myself I can see how this can be a great thing for microsoft to change edge to a chromium browser, however in that same regards I enjoy firefox and what they have done in the past, but keeping with the firefox thing they have made a few moves that have kind of made them look very similar to chrome… Like having multiple processes run at the same time similar to Chrome, I know with firefox it can be disabled and changed back to a single process.

I can’t wait to start testing the new microsoft edge, it is something that I am truly looking forward in doing.

********** Updated Feb 7 **************

Wanted to take the time to update this but as of February 7th 2019 I changed back to firefox, I’ve found that the latest google chrome update was very heavy on the memory. I’m still looking forward to using the new microsoft edge when it comes out which will be based on chrome. I’m not saying that Microsoft is making a bad choice with doing this but what I’m hoping is that with the top quality engineers that are on both microsoft and google they can hopefully fix some of these problems that have plagued google chrome since the start, the high memory usage bug seems to be a very commonly talked about bug. So here’s hoping that it gets fixed.

This move didn’t last long before I went back to Chrome…



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