Valentine’s, Why Do I ?

Why do I need a day like this
In order to splurge and show you that I love you
When you’ve had 364 other days that I’ve shown you

I don’t need to have just one day in order to show my love
It’s like everyone is kissing each others ass for the shit they fucked up
When it comes to me, I don’t need to do anything except sit in a corner

It’s the one day that I can do nothing, while we can watch everyone else run around
Trying to have the one day for them to prove that they love the significant others
Why can’t they do it the other 364 days

I guess they don’t really have the love to show.
Only when the world puts the spot light on that one day.
They have to out do themselves and showcase love that they have.

Almost like they’re celebrities doing things for the cameras.
For the girlfriends to gossip to there girlfriends about.
While they become more unaware of deceitful ways.

At times I wish I could pull the hearts out of the deceitful ones
Hold it in front of them while they watch the last few beats before they die
That would be my gift to those ladies, show them that they were duped.

That they deserve better.



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