Blue Skies Of Sadness

Who says dark colours have to be the cause of ones sadness
Why can’t blue skies, something that happens frequently.
Nobody knows what makes one person sad, or one person happy.

The chemical reaction of the brain telling one from the other
Pills, popped in ones mouth can convince them otherwise
But only if they accept that fate.

The world as we know it can change in a heart beat.
Or it can fade to black with one flat line
The world in it’s entirety is a strange and complex thing.

Emotions that one bleeds is just as strange and complex
Does one simply understand the emotions that they go through.
Like really understand them, or have we just scratched the surface

The blue skies of sadness tell the story, of confusion
I tell the story of what might have been
Or what struggled to get going.

The inner workings of my mind, do they frighten you
Are you deeply concerned for my well being
Or do you want to dig deeper, see what other thoughts I have

Would silence bother you if I didn’t write the next day
Perhaps my thoughts are like a puzzle, the missing piece could be key
Something that could swarm the ideas out of me, or barricade them in.

The deep thoughts that may or may not scare you.
Blue skies of sadness
As the world turns



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