Another Book Idea

Two nights ago I had a thought, of another book to write.. I know I have two on the go right now so why start a 3rd ?… This one would be released later in the year.. No idea when but the idea is there.. In fact I haven’t even done up a cover for it yet that’s how new the idea is, or maybe that’s how lazy I’ve been.. Perhaps that falls into both categories, honestly I haven’t really chosen one or the other to lump that in with.

Anyways I wanted to share it with all y’all who want to take the time to read this shit.. Maybe with enough like’s on this it’ll encourage me to get a cover created

Speaking of books, I normally judge my releases on another place that I post my writing and for the longest time I’ve kept saying “when this release hits 100 reads i’ll release it to the world” .. the problem with that is it’s clear that my shit is getting more and more popular I say that because:

Generation Ken – 4 Pages – 82 Reads
Continued Evolution Of Ken’s Poetry – 6 pages – 161 reads

You see what I’m saying, clearly more and more people are stumbling onto yours truly on this other site, either that or I’m a good writer… nah that can’t be it



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