So I had a dream…

I know a great speech once included that, but last night I had a dream. Kinda a two part dream the first part I wasn’t living with Mom but with Dad and I never really got along with my father. The dream started with him smashing all my stuff.. computer and video game stuff because that’s just the way he was.

So I would quietly pack a bag and in the middle of the night I walked out the front door and just walked away from everything, him and my ex who he forced me to be with because he liked her more than me. Nobody cared that I left, nobody went searching for me or anything like that. I guess everyone was happy that I wasn’t around.

The second part of the dream was me back in this house and I decided to take my own life because I was sick of being here and everything that was going on.

It seemed so vivid, but I did wake up from it…

Not sure what I’m going to do today, if I’m going to write or not.

But I wanted to share it anyways



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