Cottage – Chapter 3

Out for another walk, towards my favorite cottage. I see that woman again and some guy hugging and kissing. It must be her husband or boyfriend… I can hear them talk as there voices echo through the trees they’re talking about going back into the house for him to have his way with her… As they hug and kiss a bit more the kissing shows more intimacy as they make there way into the cottage.

I see them enter a room, a decent size window where I can see almost everything in the room. She is getting tied up to the bed, but more so to a harness where she can easily be turned over if the situation calls for it… I stay in the bushes watching he leaves the room in search of something I can’t quite make it out what he’s looking for.. He ventures back in and says “I have to goto town, we forgot to pack it” she agrees he asks “do you want me to remove the blindfold and untie you her reply was “why would I want that, not knowing when you’ll be back is getting me that much more excited.

He ventures out to the car jumps in starts it and takes off… I wait for a few minutes before I venture into the cottage trying to be as quiet as I can be but the door creeks behind me and I hear her voice “I knew you were playing games with me”
I venture toward the bedroom, there she is tied to the bed, yet fully clothed.

It’s almost like an offering to me, but just wearing regular clothes nothing sexy. I begin by pulling her pants down and seeing that she’s wearing nothing underneath I hear her say “freshly shaved just how you like it” I unbutton her shirt and slide it open, also nothing underneath.. I begin to give her a rub feeling her getting very wet, very quickly. I guess the excitement has built up inside of her, it took no time for her to get wet she was practically dripping in a matter of a few short moments, but I wasn’t ready to enter her instead I turned her over and had her on her knees gripping the headboard.. I spread her legs when I hear “wow this really isn’t like you” I leave the room in the next room I find a ping pong table in which I grab a paddle and I venture back to her, I spank her on one cheek a few times then the next.. I see she’s biting her lip already she says “wow this really isn’t like you” having her legs spread and everything possible exposed I spank her with the paddle again and a few more times after that at which point I give her a rub noticing that she’s even wetter than before.

I slide my finger between her cheeks and start massaging her asshole that’s when she began to question who I was and a brief bit of panic washes over her, I put my hand over her mouth as I reach over to the table beside the bed grab a rather large suction cup dildo that I stick to the wall which comes out just a few inches from her face. I guide her head to it and as I remove my hand she begins talking in which I introduce her mouth to the dildo and she starts giving it head.

I insert my cock into her tight pussy  she lets out a moan, she’s enjoying it. I feel her juices start to flow that much more. As I feel my cock slide deeper into her, by this time she’s practically deep throating the dildo she tries to say something so I pull her head back and pull the dildo out of her mouth when I guess she caught my scent as she said “your that guy from before, no wonder I’m so wet I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day”

I spun her over to her back as I shoved my cock in her mouth this time taking the dildo off the wall and inserting it into her pussy I see she tensed up as it entered but quickly relaxed.. Loved feeling her lips on my cock, she would sometimes squeeze my cock with her lips, making the veins on my cock pop out that much more.

I start pushing the dildo inside of her quicker and quicker, I can tell that she is having trouble handling it with my cock inside of her mouth.

Feeling my cock starting to throb more and more, I began to thrust a bit quicker into her mouth as I explode in her mouth, feeling very relieved I pulled out. She swallowed as moaned and begged for me to finish satisfying her before I said “give it time, we shall meet again”

I quickly escape back into the bushes.


If you come here from my instagram and wondering when this will be posted on that, it won’t be. My last post got flagged by them so I figure I’m only two strikes away from having my account locked so I’ll just be using my instagram for poetry from now on ***********************************************************************************


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