Cottage Chapter 4

She was so satisfied from him sneaking into her house she wanted more… As she was outside alone she would keep an eye out for him and listen for sounds of movement in the bushes.

But it being a very quiet day she would randomly wave in different directions, just a simple wave to try and get him to respond

But she got no response so she went about her day after a while she would undo her top allowing more cleavage to be shown bending over a few times flashing her boobs .. she tried this for a while while she was doing various other things but got no response..

Deciding to leave a trail she removed her bra slowly and dropped it on the ground and walked away thinking it would encourage him from the bushes to show up and ravage her again.

Shortly after her bra dropped she walked away to continue what she was doing outside, she then removed her panties and did the same thing.
Clearly she really wanted his attention.. But so far nothing yet.

She undid her top and revealed her breasts and walked around continuing to do her few last jobs she had to do.

But nothing did work she even tried pulling her pants down and bending over a few times presenting herself for him, and spreading her cheeks to present in all ways but nothing came from the bushes.


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