Cottage – Chapter 5

She tried to lure him out from the bushes but he didn’t respond, so where is he ?

We see him walking out of his cottage down to the lake, looking out at the calm water as he begins to speak to himself. But he’s hard to understand since he has a speech impediment. As he says

“I’m glad I got away from the house, couldn’t stand it. I just had enough of putting up with the stress that my ex has been causing me” … “I had to get up here and clear my head and just escape from it all”

He continues to look out at the lake as he makes his way over to a chair, he sits down. Stretches out he hears his knees crack from the stretch but not a painful crack it actually felt nice.  He continues to sit there looking out at the lake, a ever so quiet evening as the water reminded him of glass that’s how calm it is.

Taking a few deep breaths as he continues to look out at the lake as well as the sky, it was a beautiful blue sky. A few clouds but they were white and puffy, depending on where you looked at the lake you swore that someone was holding a mirror at the edge of your sight, you couldn’t tell where the lake stopped and the sky started.

He continued to sit for another ten to fifteen minutes just clearing his mind or trying to from everything that he left.

He stands up and gives himself a big stretch hearing a few cracks coming from his body but nothing that felt bad. Everything felt good and almost like it relieved some sort of tension.

He ventured over to a picnic table in which he decided to lay on top of, the feeling of sadness washed over him.
As he continued to feel sad he starred at the sky like a child picking out what each cloud looks like. But his child sense wonder quickly washed away and the sadness came back.

A tear from each eye ran down the sides of his face to the picnic table he’s laying on, he sits up and wipes his eyes.

After which he ventures back into the cottage for the rest of the evening.


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