Had a few bounce backs

With my progression of changing everything over, I have had a few bounce backs where I had to go deep into my editing to get things accepted for distribution once again. It’s not a fun task, but so far today I think I did six new titles but I could be wrong… I’m slowly making my way through things and I feel like I’ve done enough for the time being so I’m taking a break from doing it.

As I said it’s going to be a long slow process, doing the series’ first. I feel mentally exhausted cause having to redo the covers I’ve been trying to do new covers for everything well for the most part everything..

Like I said before its a long slow process, at times I get inspired to do it cause I think of ideas for a better cover.. But then other times I feel like I just hit my limit and I don’t want to do anymore.

At least with most of the covers in a series (depending on the series and why I made it a series) I can have the same background for them all and just change up a small bit of text.

Right now my head feels like it wants to explode cause shortly after i got out of bed I jumped on the computer as per usual but I didn’t give myself enough time to wake up as I just started to dive into doing the covers and editing which I think that really wore my brain out for the day. At times it doesn’t take much to do it

Time to go rest the brain, or try to…



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