Joker … Starring @JoaqPhoenix

So the man known as Joaquin Phoenix is in a movie called Joker, which yes is based on that Joker.. The no doubt only Joker that we know of, the guy who has became Batman’s #1 enemy.. To the point that when you think Batman you also think of Joker as well.

Joker has been played by many great men in the past from: Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Jared Leto ..  Watching all the past Batman movies I don’t think you can play Joker in a wrong light, the character is a psycho and has so many personalities I think he needs his own Arkham Asylum just for him and his personalities so I don’t think anyone can really play him that wrong.

Now the confusing thing that may get people is later this year in October (hint hint) Joker with Joaquin Phoenix will be in theaters, from what I read another Joker movie this one starring Jared Leto will also be hitting theaters this year too. At this point in time no trailer has came out for this one.
The look for Joaquin’s joker looks very similar to what one may find entertaining children, I guess they were going for a John Wayne Gacy style look since that’s kind of your classic clown look.

I think he pulled off the creepy / sadistic clown for sure, so much in fact that it lures you in and wanting to see more into that world

Here’s the trailer that got released a few days ago:

I’m personally looking forward to seeing more from this movie, it might just be the sadistic side of me, but it really did draw me in and left me with the feeling of wanting to see more.



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