Victim’s Aren’t We All – Victim 1

As he pulls into a small town convenience store he roams in to grab a bottle of pop and some chips, a simple purchase that people have made hundreds of time over the years but this wasn’t just another purchase…

He walks in goes directly to the refrigerator section opens it and grabs a small bottle of pop, he then walks over to grab a bag of chips when he hears a bit of commotion.. Stopping he looks up, an older guy and a short lady are standing in line arguing. Grabbing his chips he ventures over as he notices the young lady getting her ass grabbed and the guy saying “mmm yea, you like that sweetie when a man just grabs you like that ?”
As he takes a step back he bumps into you, he turns with an angry look before he realizes he’s starring you in the chest as he glances upwards you notice his expression changes from anger to scared as his voice trembles when he says “Shit, sorry man” he then tries to walk around you and you stick your arm out blocking his way.. You glance over and say “Apologize” he responds with his voice trembling again “I said I’m sorry”.. You look at him and respond “Not to me, to her” while he doesn’t take his eyes off of you he says “I’m sorry” voice still trembling..  You respond with “Try looking at her and being sincere” He turns and looks at her and says again “I’m sorry” as his voice still trembles and his eyes swell up with tears as he begins to shake.. You let your arm down as he trips over his own feet to try and get out of that store and away from you.

The young lady thanks you, you smile and nod. You then pay for your purchase and walk out the door. You see the guy in the distance who clearly ran once he got out of the store in order to make that distance between him and the store, you hop in your car and slowly follow him. He cuts through a wooded area where you stop your car, and get out and follow on foot. You have since lost him as you venture down the path a bit listening for any sort of sound you might hear before you getting whacked to the back sending you face down to the dirt. It was him who did it, he turns you over and starts cussing you out and laying a few fists to your body as he continues to pound on you .. He gets off of you and takes a few steps away continuing his verbal tirade he pulls out a knife and says “In public, I might be a scared old man but you see these woods are my world and your in my world now so your going to suffer the consequences”

As he finishes his sentance you sit up like the undertaker blood running down your face from the beating that he gave you, you quickly get to your feet as he approaches you quickly grab him by the throat and squeeze, he takes a swing at you with the knife but only catches shirt you squeeze harder and with all your might you shove him against a tree as his head hits the tree he becomes dazed and he drops the knife. You grab his throat with both hands bashing his head against the tree. In desperation he kicks you and you stumble backwards. He falls to the ground searching for the knife as you approach again giving him a swift kick to the skull his head hits the tree and he falls forward. A surge of anger rushes over him and he manages some how to get to his feet but he stumbles to get away you race after him grabbing him by the back of his neck and you say to him “We might be in your world, out here in these woods but where I’m from you treat people with respect otherwise your as good as….” he picks him up and slams him against a tree as two sharp stumps get punctured through his shoulders leaving his arms out stretched you finish your sentance with “crucified” …

You then venture back towards your car, hoping in it and driving away.



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