More Erotica ? Yes ? No ?…. Scoop

I remember talking in a previous post about how it’s becoming difficult for me to get the erotica distributed so there’s a good chance that little to no more will be coming out of me… hehe coming …

Anywho when I submit any to my distributor I have to go through a brief check list:Screenshot (1)
If my Erotica includes any of the following that is not checked off then there’s a good chance that various ebook distributors will turn it down because they won’t touch it. Truth be told I already modify some of it when I write it, it’s not a big modification that I do but it can possibly be taken the wrong way.

There are also some distributors who won’t even accept erotica as well. Which I’m sure if that happens it’ll completely fuck up the fifty shades of grey writer..

I wanted to take the time and show that to all who are interested it’s kinda my own personal inside scoop for those who may or may not be interested in getting more…



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