I feel like I should give the warning of this is so stupid that I’m not making this up, not even a little.

So this happened a few years before me and my ex split… So Mom went to visit her boyfriend and she use to tell us when she would be home but this incident changed that..

She told us that she would be home around noon, so this time noon came and gone. I didn’t think anything about it as it was summer time so the weather was nice and I know at times she gets sidetracked doing a few office things for him. Which is fine, or she’s doing banking for him since he’s self employed. Either one is fine since I know time gets away from people. So around two o’clock my ex kept rambling on about wanting to call the cops because Mom wasn’t home and she said she would be around noon so it’s late so something must have happened and she spent four hours throwing a fucking hissy fit about how Mom isn’t home so she was going to call the cops.

She wouldn’t beable to handle to have kids, but her entire life has to be planned out.. Anytime I suggest going out I had to plan out the day because if it was “just play it by ear” it wouldn’t sit well with her.

That and like the rest of these “Stories Of Ken” are all true, and yes most no doubt need the warning that it’s too stupid to make up.



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