At times I get bored so I take the time (only sometimes) to go and read reviews on a few sites I have my stuff listed..

I enjoy reading reviews as some of my stuff has touched people and they can relate and they have gone through similar things.

But the reviews I laugh at, is actually from one particular person, I’m not going to give the idiot the time of day by name dropping this asshat but you see he keeps complaining about my grammar and in one review basically says “to hire a proof-reader since I’m clearly not from an English speaking country” .. Last I checked I was from an English speaking country but not all of us are “hip” to use the word like “Puleeze”

I find his reviews most funny… Why so ?

He (just like everyone else) paid $0 for the ebooks he read that I wrote
I would bet that he wouldn’t spend any money on my ebooks if they were paid, he wouldn’t have taken a chance on them.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets asshats like this who bitch and moan about things for free, honestly if your a writer and you get the same stupid reviews from people like this, ignore them… They clearly want the world given to them…



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