Websites – Keywords

So if you have ever created a website before you know that one of the things that you get pressed for are keywords so that search engines know how to index your site and the keywords are suppose to help people find your shit.

Are they important ?, honestly with the changes that google has made over the last two years I don’t think they are. Keywords are a myth in my opinion, I say that because people use to do keyword stacking. I remember one guy who had a record label and he’d stack his keywords, he would use the same keywords as WWE just to bring in hits.  Well google got smart to that shit and I’m sure many people have watched there statistics drop since them redefine things.

I know I use to have 6-8 websites I had created now I’m down to 1-4.. But I use to create these big elaborate websites now I don’t. I now basically have one page websites, or landing page websites as they’re called because people don’t go searching for sites. I miss the day when they use to and when people actually had websites… But that’s long gone as most peoples sites now are either backed by WordPress or some CMS (Content Management System) .. or Facebook.. Since everyone has gotten lazy and they don’t search for websites anymore. They look for things that they can sign up to such as a blog or facebook.

I could type anything for a post right now and with a click of the mouse 166 people would get notification of it, but if I had a website that wouldn’t matter because nobody would visit…

It truly is a sad day, I know I have a few sites to recreate so I guess I’m going to do that


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