But Then It Happened

Death began stalking
Not sure if it was up above or down below
But people around me began dropping like flies

From 2005 onward life would barely move
Before I got told that we lost another one

I thought I knew what I was looking for
Now I have more questions than ever before
Is someone to be blamed for this
Or am I standing at bat, always swinging when all I can do is miss

Striking out with each opportunity
Striking out in life
Striking out

Then the phone would ring and I lost someone else
Was it anger
Was it acceptance
Or was it just me giving the fuck up

Back when I was in high school and seemed fascinated with death
None of this happened

I thought I knew
What I wanted

Now I sit and look at the clock and wonder
Who am I going to loose next ?
Will I even know ?
I feel like I’m losing everyone around me

Was I not meant to have anyone in my life ?
Is that what I’m suppose to get from this



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