Guilty Conscience

Was asked to do a small job, figured it was no problem
So I asked for money to get paid for it, figured with all my problems it would solve some
Bitch flipped out like she actually had to pay me to do something
Guess all these years of doing shit for free got to her

Guess she’s got a guilty conscience and when I asked for some money
She had flash backs of offering to be paid to lay on her back
But she’s always done everything for free when it was all said and done he slapped her smelly snatch

Never thought it was going to be a problem
To ask for a bit of coin, after all when it comes to a job I have none
But then the dumb bitch starts bringing up shit from the past
Claiming that one girl had her head on my crotch
Didn’t realize shit was that big, cause her head was on the side of my leg

She keeps searching around looking for something to say
Like her friends are going to back her up, but I always knew where her legs lay
They easily opened for anyone who wasn’t named Ken
Heard stories all the time of her taking head shots in the back of KFC
Didn’t want to believe it, but now reality is coming to me



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