Guilty Conscience

Was asked to do a small job, figured it was no problem So I asked for money to get paid for it, figured with all my problems it would solve some Bitch flipped out like she actually had to pay me to do something Guess all these years of doing shit for free got to her Guess she’s got a guilty conscience and when I asked for some money She had flash backs of offering to be paid to lay on her back But she’s always done everything for free when it was all said and done he slapped her … Continue reading Guilty Conscience

Inside My Mind

Welcome to inside my mind, I would call this part 1 but for there to be a part one it means that I’ll be doing many more of these and the thing is I can’t promise that sort of thing. Many people come to this site through various sources and they have honestly came looking for a number of different topics and stories and while many may say that I’m “very talented” I know everything that I write has some influence on my life in some way shape or form… Now do you want to know the secret ? Many … Continue reading Inside My Mind

Story Of A Bitch – Re-post

I know over time we all change, some for better and some for worse. Here’s my story of a bitch… Here’s my story of a bitch that I was with for twelve years I’m tired of all her bullshit so fuck her and her feelings Here’s my story of a bitch that I was with for twelve years I’m tired of all her bullshit so fuck her and her feelings Look at all those fake friends coming to your rescue All trying to act tough and hide behind there devices You continue to run your mouth While you are still … Continue reading Story Of A Bitch – Re-post

But Then It Happened

Death began stalking Not sure if it was up above or down below But people around me began dropping like flies From 2005 onward life would barely move Before I got told that we lost another one I thought I knew what I was looking for Now I have more questions than ever before Is someone to be blamed for this Or am I standing at bat, always swinging when all I can do is miss Striking out with each opportunity Striking out in life Striking out Then the phone would ring and I lost someone else Was it anger … Continue reading But Then It Happened

What’s Wrong With Me ?

So after yesterday or the day before when I typed up and shared “I’m Such A Hypocrite” I remember clicking publish to showcase that shit to the world and walking away. I walked away from the computer and went upstairs and sat on the floor, looking outside as it rained and watching the water wash dirt off of everything. Even though that’s not really possible since we really haven’t had much of anything happen to get dirt on anything but for the sake of things we’ll go with it. As I sat I got thinking, I truly am a hypocrite.. … Continue reading What’s Wrong With Me ?

Ugly Music

Last year or year before I don’t remember I signed up with a site called NoiseTrade which allows people to listen to your music and drop tips if they so desire… I have forgotten about that site for a while but I have recently uploaded Ugly Music to the site so click on the cover and go listen to it. I also added NoiseTrade to my navigation Continue reading Ugly Music