Music Of The Mind – Being Re-Released

What can I say I kinda gave up, I had some serious down time but the inspiration of creating music is back and seems very strong so I pulled the album back and will be adding more to it, hopefully much more… Hopefully even a new track tonight


Exception …Inspired by @tokenhiphop

I was the quiet kid in the library, reading the sports section checking the stats.
But when the bell rang, that all changed.
I became the one in everyone’s targets

Five foot, fat kid, big head, speech impediment, un-fucking-popular
Just a glowing red target with all that working against me.
Almost could watch teachers and staff turn there backs on me

As the kids walked up to me, doing basically anything they wanted.
Giving me quick jabs to the ribs, spitting at me, bullying me.
I knew I was different but I didn’t know that I was..

The exception to the rule
School claimed it had zero tolerance, but it turned blind when it was against Ken

Started to skip classes, think one semester I only showed up for about twenty classes
Was always called into the vice principals office, getting yelled at.
He didn’t fucking listen to a single word I ever said.

Of course not, the moment he would admit it is when he knew the school had problems
He had the school board kissing his fucking ass for doing such a great job.

There I was the quiet kid, no voice
Well I had a voice but it was constantly muffled
They harassed me so easily.

It happened from moment I got on the school bus to the moment I got off at night.
I wonder why at times I sit in my basement shaking when I go out in public
Still hearing those voices, as I continue to be voiceless.

At times I still sit in silence and wonder how things would be if I took the way out
I know I didn’t have a big affect on anyone

I don’t think there was a day in school that I didn’t come home in tears
Most of the time I barely got in the door before they started
I know I fought them off countless times in that school

Here I sit almost 40 and it still affects me today
People told me back then that things will only get better
Sadly, no they fucking won’t



Thoughts swirling
Not sure what to write about
Always writing poetry, but also working on two pieces of erotica and a horror.

The second erotica originally started out like that, till old thoughts came into my head
An old thoughts of something horror I once attempted to write, but got frustrated with
I then stopped, put it out incomplete and walked away.

I guess it’s being rewritten
But how far do I want to take it.
I can just dip my mind into it, or go full blown, make it nasty and violent

Have people wonder what kind of a fucking demented fuck up wrote it.
How could someone think such things and write it.
Even push my own boundaries

I sit and I ponder
Thinking, about how far I want to take things
How much will it mentally wear me out

As my mind spins around
Like a record full of ideas, I’m almost in a trance
Not sure what to do, do I need to take a break from writing

Have I burned myself out
Am I breaking the edge of sanity ?

Guess, my padded room
And straight jacket might say something else


Kinda funny

I got typing “you ever notice” as some things are based on a article I read and I tossed in a comment bout two friends of mine… Didn’t mean anything, I dont’ think it phased either of my friends but I remember reading one thing online about “how to gain more views” was random shit like that… I thought I would try it, it didn’t get me anymore views than expected (3-4)

Anyways since that didnt’ do anything, I’m moving on… Been writing a bit maybe I’ll share a story.. who knows

You Ever Notice ?

Now I’m not doing this to make fun of I’m just doing this to have fun and to point something out… Now guys, have you ever had a glance at your girl’s phone ?.. I don’t mean like rifling through it I mean she sends you a screen cap for some reason. Or any girl send you a screen cap… I’ve noticed that a common font with them has to do with what looks like printing.

Of course this is just going on what I have seen online and two friends of mine who have sent me screen caps via phones…  It appears to be a common trait…

But to dig deeper, I have been told that both my friends are very very similar (insert chin scratch here)

So much so that they might be this similar

Now while the full pic does show them holding hands and they have told me they have never held hands in real life it doesn’t mean they haven’t up here (taps head) … Specially when they stalk me… Or who knows what else they might have done….  😉 😉

At this point in time I’ll wait for a reaction, I’m sure I’ll get one from possibly one of them.


Cottage – Chapter 2

The following day you go out walking again, you see that same lady who looks like she’s playing hide and seek, wearing a rather short skirt…  You decide to walk over and say “hello” as you approach her you see her peering around the corner of the building which makes you think again that she’s playing hide and seek.

As you walk up behind her you reach between her thighs and begin to rub her soft lips, you see her gripping the tree that she’s near as her breathing increses  and begins to get heavier and heavier which follows by some light moaning as she looks over her shoulder seeing you standing there she softly says “so we meet again” and lets out a soft moan.

She continues the conversation by saying that she really enjoyed our first encounter and was hoping to see you again, but I didn’t know if this is what I had in mind for a second encounter (as she lets out another soft moan) and she grips the trees harder.

You push up her skirt revealing everything from the waist down, you then pull her arms away from gripping the trees and slide the straps on her dress down as her breasts fall out hanging there as you cup them and squeeze them gently .

You release her and vanish back into the forrest and watch her from a distance as she takes a moment before she realizes your gone and gets herself dressed again.

You walk away

Cottage – Chapter 1

Finally you managed to get away from everything and you escape to the cottage, all alone at the cottage with other neighboring cottages around as you pull into the driveway you toss it in park and you begin to unpack, as you finish doing so you have chosen to sit around for a few moments to take in the sights of the lake.

Taking a few deep breaths to try to help you escape from what you have just left you decided to to take a walk around see who else is up on this great sunny day as you venture down the street you hear some rustling in the bushes so you go to check it out, knowing full well it maybe a wild animal but you figure you would go in for a closer look and then you see a woman standing behind a small building with her dress pulled up and she’s rubbing her pussy trying to get off… She sees you and you venture over as she whispers “please keep it down and don’t tell anyone, please” she looked a little scared like if she got caught doing so she may get in trouble.  You can’t help but to glance down at her pussy as her hand was hiding it and you touch her hand caressing it saying “it’s ok, I won’t tell anyone. On one condition” she asks “what’s that” you reply with “let me see it” her hand shakes as she removes it from her body and you crouch down on your knees she asks “what are you doing” you reply with “I must have a closer look as without warning you push her back up against the building and start licking her pussy, she never felt anything that incredible and she begins to fight back the moans as you continue licking her pussy and having your tongue dance on her clit her hand goes over her mouth to fight back the sounds of moans, she continues to fight as you reach up to her shirt sliding your hand underneath, pushing her bra up letting her beautiful breasts fall out as you fondle them and pinch her nipples while you continue to lick her pussy.

She can’t contain herself anymore and she cums very hard

She doesn’t say another word but runs off