Cottage – Chapter 5

She tried to lure him out from the bushes but he didn’t respond, so where is he ? We see him walking out of his cottage down to the lake, looking out at the calm water as he begins to speak to himself. But he’s hard to understand since he has a speech impediment. As he says “I’m glad I got away from the house, couldn’t stand it. I just had enough of putting up with the stress that my ex has been causing me” … “I had to get up here and clear my head and just escape from … Continue reading Cottage – Chapter 5

Cottage Chapter 4

She was so satisfied from him sneaking into her house she wanted more… As she was outside alone she would keep an eye out for him and listen for sounds of movement in the bushes. But it being a very quiet day she would randomly wave in different directions, just a simple wave to try and get him to respond But she got no response so she went about her day after a while she would undo her top allowing more cleavage to be shown bending over a few times flashing her boobs .. she tried this for a while … Continue reading Cottage Chapter 4

Cottage – Chapter 3

Out for another walk, towards my favorite cottage. I see that woman again and some guy hugging and kissing. It must be her husband or boyfriend… I can hear them talk as there voices echo through the trees they’re talking about going back into the house for him to have his way with her… As they hug and kiss a bit more the kissing shows more intimacy as they make there way into the cottage. I see them enter a room, a decent size window where I can see almost everything in the room. She is getting tied up to … Continue reading Cottage – Chapter 3

Dare 3 – Chapter 6

Before he picks you up and helps you into the bathroom, but as the bathroom door opens he covers your eyes so you can’t see anything. He walks you in and he helps you sit down at first it just seems like sitting down normally then you feel something stretch your lips and your unsure if it will fit inside of you as it struggles to get inside bit only the tip is in  you hear his voice “well that will have to do” you hear a click and you can hear the toilet seat start to vibrate as your … Continue reading Dare 3 – Chapter 6