Dare 3 – Chapter 5

Your sitting in a chair, your head falls back resting on the top of the chair it’s very comfortable as you continue to catch your breath. You feel his hand caress your body from your shoulders down to your thighs. He spreads your legs wide open once again and notices that your so very wet. […]

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Dare 3 – Chapter 4

He looks at you laying there on the ground  catching your breath when he helps you to your feet and drapes you over the kitchen table, he watches your stomach go in and out while you continue to breathe heavy from what you juse endured he positions your legs so that they are wide open, […]

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Dare 3 – Chapter 3

Your legs feel like jell-o you are having trouble walking so you crawl to the kitchen where you see him going into the fridge and getting the ice cube tray he then straddles your back he places an ice cube in his hand and squeezes it, his warm hands begin to melt the ice he […]

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Dare 3 – Chapter 2

He pulls out of you, as you lay there catching your breath when the curtain gets raised the stirrups become loose and you fall to the floor exhausted as you crawl towards your living room, any room really just to get out of the room you are in. As you approach the room you notice […]

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Dare 3 – Chapter 1

You come home from a long days work when your phone buzzes with a text message It says “do you dare ?” You reply “Yes” it follows with having you remove articles of clothing one by one as you sit in your car, constantly looking over your shoulder afraid of who might be watching you, […]

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Another Short Role Play

Well my thoughts start with walking into your bedroom when you are sleeping and kissing your cheeks then your mouth then rubbing my cock against your lips so you open up and let it in. At that point I reach under the covers and rub your pussy spreading those lips apart as I rub them […]

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A Short Role Play

Slide your hand underneath the covers and spread your legs Ok Rub your clit a little bit and pinch your nipples Ok ****** walks in the room and sees you doing it and he pulls out his cock and sticks it in your mouth. Mmm He reached under the covers and rubs your tight pussy […]

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