Neighbourhood Stalker 3 – OUT NOW

The book is now on smashwords, should be out for distribution in the next few days. It should also appear on google books later today as well since I submitted it at the same time. If your interested in reading it, clicking on the cover will take you to the smashwords link. Advertisements Continue reading Neighbourhood Stalker 3 – OUT NOW

Neighbourhood Stalker 3?

Yes a third one exists, I haven’t decided if I was going to add more to it or not.. It’s only a few pages right now… But lets take a few moments and look back at the past: Neighbourhood Stalker – The first release it got 50 reads, I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of numbers. Neighbourhood Stalker – Naughty or Knife’d – This one got released around the Christmas holiday and only has 35 reads The first release has about 1,000 words… The second has about 3,000 words… Don’t ask I just felt like putting in … Continue reading Neighbourhood Stalker 3?

Neighbourhood Stalker 3 – Work In Progress

Guess what I’m currently working on ?, besides a book of poetry I’m also working on the follow up of Neighbourhood Stalker 3…. I’m currently writing chapter 3 and just finished the cover for it. I was originally going to call it something else but, after much thought I decided that I need to keep my neighbourhood stalker going… yes, he needs to continue. He’s not done yet… Continue reading Neighbourhood Stalker 3 – Work In Progress