Inside My Mind

Welcome to inside my mind, I would call this part 1 but for there to be a part one it means that I’ll be doing many more of these and the thing is I can’t promise that sort of thing. Many people come to this site through various sources and they have honestly came looking for a number of different topics and stories and while many may say that I’m “very talented” I know everything that I write has some influence on my life in some way shape or form… Now do you want to know the secret ? Many … Continue reading Inside My Mind

Websites – Keywords

So if you have ever created a website before you know that one of the things that you get pressed for are keywords so that search engines know how to index your site and the keywords are suppose to help people find your shit. Are they important ?, honestly with the changes that google has made over the last two years I don’t think they are. Keywords are a myth in my opinion, I say that because people use to do keyword stacking. I remember one guy who had a record label and he’d stack his keywords, he would use … Continue reading Websites – Keywords

Been Struggling

I feel like the last few days I’ve been struggling. Just really struggling to be me. Have you ever woken up and felt like you weren’t you ? Feeling unsure about what makes you happy or keeps your interest ? That’s kind of where I’m at. I know my entire life is a joke. But I’ve felt more lost than normal, I see that I’m back to also struggling to keep my eyes open, was watching Lucifer on netflix yesterday and I don’t think I seen much of it before my head dropped forward, the jolt of it stopping woke … Continue reading Been Struggling

Like To Use What I Have

I’ve often been asked “Why do you have so many….” like why did I have so many “Vaults” (that I recently took down) .. The reason for it is because I’ve had accounts with those things so I wanted to use them. Which brings me to something else, I’m slowly working on opening a second music store this one with Soundclick I’m also looking at having a second video site since I have an account with Vimeo so I want to use my accounts since I did open them. I’ll be making the announcements for those new places once I … Continue reading Like To Use What I Have


At times I get bored so I take the time (only sometimes) to go and read reviews on a few sites I have my stuff listed.. I enjoy reading reviews as some of my stuff has touched people and they can relate and they have gone through similar things. But the reviews I laugh at, is actually from one particular person, I’m not going to give the idiot the time of day by name dropping this asshat but you see he keeps complaining about my grammar and in one review basically says “to hire a proof-reader since I’m clearly not … Continue reading Reviewers