Happy Birthday TO ME

So today the exploitation of Kens mind got released, I chose today because it’s my birthday and figured why not release something new on my birthday So go and buy that book to support me on my birthday the links can be found in the follow up message

Time To Try Something New

Alright so as I said last month I was trying a new program called Publii to see if it would be an acceptable alternative to wordpress if they decided to close the .com portion of the site. Final answer: NO The program is easy to use, very use friendly with lots of options to get […]

A Big Thank You

Just want to thank all those who support me by buying what I write. I recently got paid for royalties which was $17 (USD) So I wanted to come on here and thank you, I hope you guys will keep supporting me with everything that I put out. Thanks again Ken

I Stumbled Onto @GetPublii

I’m always on the lookout for new software to perhaps replace old software or allow me to do something that I’ve always wanted to do. A few months back I stumbled onto this software called Publii and it’s a very easy way to create a blog, now I know what your saying… “WordPress is also […]

Massive Price Drops

Before yesterday my most expensive releases ranged around the $9.99 – $13.13 depending on where you shop those were my erotica books But yesterday I got sitting around and thinking and I decided to make a massive change and this is what I did: All poetry ebooks – $0.99 Sci-fi ebooks – $1.99 Horror ebooks […]

Shout Out To: @TOPoetrySlam

I know normally shout outs are something that people do via twitter but this is kinda an extended shout out… I was sitting in front of one of the glowing screens that you can find me in front of… This one that I’m talking about is the Television and with my tablet within arms reach […]