Cottage Chapter 4

She was so satisfied from him sneaking into her house she wanted more… As she was outside alone she would keep an eye out for him and listen for sounds of movement in the bushes.

But it being a very quiet day she would randomly wave in different directions, just a simple wave to try and get him to respond

But she got no response so she went about her day after a while she would undo her top allowing more cleavage to be shown bending over a few times flashing her boobs .. she tried this for a while while she was doing various other things but got no response..

Deciding to leave a trail she removed her bra slowly and dropped it on the ground and walked away thinking it would encourage him from the bushes to show up and ravage her again.

Shortly after her bra dropped she walked away to continue what she was doing outside, she then removed her panties and did the same thing.
Clearly she really wanted his attention.. But so far nothing yet.

She undid her top and revealed her breasts and walked around continuing to do her few last jobs she had to do.

But nothing did work she even tried pulling her pants down and bending over a few times presenting herself for him, and spreading her cheeks to present in all ways but nothing came from the bushes.


Kinda funny

I got typing “you ever notice” as some things are based on a article I read and I tossed in a comment bout two friends of mine… Didn’t mean anything, I dont’ think it phased either of my friends but I remember reading one thing online about “how to gain more views” was random shit like that… I thought I would try it, it didn’t get me anymore views than expected (3-4)

Anyways since that didnt’ do anything, I’m moving on… Been writing a bit maybe I’ll share a story.. who knows

You Ever Notice ?

Now I’m not doing this to make fun of I’m just doing this to have fun and to point something out… Now guys, have you ever had a glance at your girl’s phone ?.. I don’t mean like rifling through it I mean she sends you a screen cap for some reason. Or any girl send you a screen cap… I’ve noticed that a common font with them has to do with what looks like printing.

Of course this is just going on what I have seen online and two friends of mine who have sent me screen caps via phones…  It appears to be a common trait…

But to dig deeper, I have been told that both my friends are very very similar (insert chin scratch here)

So much so that they might be this similar

Now while the full pic does show them holding hands and they have told me they have never held hands in real life it doesn’t mean they haven’t up here (taps head) … Specially when they stalk me… Or who knows what else they might have done….  😉 😉

At this point in time I’ll wait for a reaction, I’m sure I’ll get one from possibly one of them.


Think my erotica is…

I think my erotica is coming to an end, I don’t mean Dare 3. I mean in general. I’ve gotten a few messages from ebook retailers and very little of them want to carry them anymore because of the potential content that people write about. Erotica has always been something that walks that line of what retailers will accept and what they won’t accept and it appears that less and less are accepting it.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do, I may just stop writing it all together I haven’t fully decided at this point in time. I know I can always just write it and upload it to my vaults for my readers to get there hands on.

Let me know your thoughts drop a comment below and let me know if you think I should keep writing that stuff no matter what or have Dare 3 as my last release ?


Next book title, inspired by @snoopdogg

If you know me you know that music is a big part of my life, I always enjoy listening to some good music. In many ways music has inspired me to write and the way I form my sentences. I’ll hear things said differently then I would say them in my mind and it will always put the thought process to work. As I could be working on something and I could hear a line from an artist and the line I just wrote I’ll re-read and say “I can write that differently but it’ll have more of an affect on people”

Back in 1998, Snoop Dogg released an album called “Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told”
I’ve had the idea for this book title for a while and I figure what better time to start working on it then now ?
My next book will be called “My Story To Be Told, Not Sold”

Stating that I have always given my ebooks away for free, many people have asked me why, that is the reason… I want my story to be told, not sold.
Everyone has a story to tell and I have been writing mine constantly. to write everything that I have been going through so you can read along and understand my own thoughts.

So that’s my next release and the first poem for it will be “Why Am I So Nice, To Those Who Hurt Me

Follow me on my journey, walk on my path while I write this story by following my blog.



ePub – Struck Out

As I said in a previous post I was going to start doing all my releases from then on as epub however that ran into a problem, so what’s the problem ?

Epub means that you need a special app / software in order to read it, which means it’s counting out the possible millions of potential readers who just want to read simple text format… Not only that but if I submit my stuff to my distributor in .doc format they will format it in every format possible to make everyone happy

So I guess I would rather just submit it in plain and simple doc format and make every person fucking happy and let the whole world read my shit

Which means that I’ll be submitting doc from now on and pdf to the vaults…

Love the ability to…

Damn I’ve gotten so addicted to the ability to setup my blogs to automatically post.. I have currently four blogs on the go, I just recently opened the fourth I wasn’t going to but back in the day I use to interview indie wrestlers and I came across the site I created that I had backed up on a CD. I don’t know if I’m going to do anything with that site once everything is online but I wanted to transfer it to wordpress so that the site could live on. I may post a bunch of behind the scene’s stuff like thoughts I’ve had for the site and all that fun stuff.

But I started off with posting about three interviews yesterday and one early this morning at one in the morning. I now have a day of interviews going up up until 10pm tonight which at this point in time will be my last interview for the day but it’s all setup to do it automatically.

Being able to schedule posts has been an addictive habit of mine, not everything that I’ve posted I wrote at that time, I have always scheduled posts just to spread things out and to hopefully get more reads.