Mega Vault – Online

Alright it’s now official the second vault is online that being Mega Vault so if you prefer it over google vault then your in luck.



What I’ve Learned About Poetry

Alright so I’ve been writing since sometime in high school. You want to know the brief back story ? Sure I’ll tell ya, in fact two of my subscribers will know the one name I drop, they might even laugh at this shit who knows…

Anyways back when I was a high school kid (prior to 1999, since I dropped out in 1999) anyways I was in Co-op class and my teacher was Mrs Doyle… I think it was four period co-op and the teacher had us write about our dreams or nightmares, I guess she wanted to see some shit like what are we inspiring to be or something like that, I honestly don’t know why. But I was the quiet kid who didn’t really talk much and honestly nothing much has changed since then, I’m still quiet and I still don’t talk much. So I wrote about a nightmare, some shit I was going through everyday of my fucking life while at school, from the moment I got on the bus I was harassed it didn’t stop until I got off the bus at the end of the day, truth be told 98% of the days I would fight until I got into my house before I broke down in tears…

So I wrote about being bullying constantly. I handed it in, I felt like I was living a fucking nightmare and you know what the teacher did ?… She gave it to the principal Mrs D who passed that shit off to another teacher I think he was like a guidance counselor or some shit I never really knew what he was, but I known him since elementary school so he may have talked like we were buddy buddy, I’m not saying I didn’t talk to him. We did talk but it was just general shit like sports and he would bring up school assignments and shit like that… For those wondering he goes by the name of Mr. Samson. I never had a problem with him, but apparently a meeting was held about me and they never once invited me to it hahahaaa…

Anyways so after the meeting happened I was sent to Mrs Doyle’s office to type up the certificates that we got at the end of the year that basically said “congrats you passed co-op”.. While I was there typing things up for the teacher, she took my bit of poetry and read that shit out to the class. I didn’t know it at the time but I found that out a few years ago when a girl in the class who I believe her name was Courtney later told me on facebook about it.  So anyways then shit hit the fan and I was sent to the school psychiatrist, honestly I didn’t even knew our school had one… It was for one visit and she spent I think about 45 minutes talking to me about what I said and all that and I knew when I talked to her that she had no idea what the fuck was going on at the school but she basically took it like I was going to go fucking nuts on the place because that’s how they wanted to paint me up… For those who want to know this was before Columbine happened…

So that was the first thing I ever wrote, I later dropped out in 1999..

That bit of writing got sent to my parents, I think Mom still has it. Or she threw it out I don’t know, she doesn’t remember when I asked her last time.

After we got a computer I started to write more and share my stuff online but of course the online we have today is nothing like we had years ago, my shit progressed as I learned to create a website (failed that course in school too) anyways I then came across the site called Smashwords about three years ago.. Alright my mistake I went back and looked and this year will mark 8 years I’ve been with smashwords.. As of 06/26/2011 I’ve been with smashwords.

I have noticed that at first people would actually read what I put out, but those numbers drop a lot my last two books only got 3 reads which is sad because that’s how much shit has dropped, I use to get 15 reads in the first day..

So I got thinking about that the last few days and my last book “Generation Ken” will be the last book that I put out to distribute. It’s doing nothing for me except frustrating me about why I’m not getting the numbers I once was..

As of today March 8th, I no longer will be distributing my work through smashwords or google play, what I have listed will remain listed and I will keep the link up on this site/blog for anyone who cares to look at any of my old work.

I find I get higher numbers on other sites, so I’m going to look at a few other sites on and decide which site will be my main site for me releasing materials on, but that will be a future update.

This one was more so an update saying I’m no longer doing the distribution stuff, just too much work and no reward. The numbers use to make me happy, now the numbers on smashwords don’t make me happy so time to find another spot.


So I had a dream…

I know a great speech once included that, but last night I had a dream. Kinda a two part dream the first part I wasn’t living with Mom but with Dad and I never really got along with my father. The dream started with him smashing all my stuff.. computer and video game stuff because that’s just the way he was.

So I would quietly pack a bag and in the middle of the night I walked out the front door and just walked away from everything, him and my ex who he forced me to be with because he liked her more than me. Nobody cared that I left, nobody went searching for me or anything like that. I guess everyone was happy that I wasn’t around.

The second part of the dream was me back in this house and I decided to take my own life because I was sick of being here and everything that was going on.

It seemed so vivid, but I did wake up from it…

Not sure what I’m going to do today, if I’m going to write or not.

But I wanted to share it anyways


New Artist Inspiration @Manafest

Ever since last year or the year before I don’t remember, when I stumbled across the Christian HipHop artist known as KJ-52 which then lead me to Christian Rockband and fellow Ontarian’s Thousand Foot Krutch .. I have been keeping my eyes open for new artists to check out who also do Christian music… There has been one that I’ve been thinking about checking out for a while and also a Christian HipHop artist and fellow Ontarian goes by the name Manafest.

I’ve been thinking about checking out his music for sometime now, and over the course of this year my facebook feed has been constantly plagued by ads in regards to him so the other day I was up in Barrie at the hock shop and I snagged up one of his older CDs now I know artists tend to hate when you snag up CDs from hock shops because they make no coin from it but I always use that sort of thing as a stepping stone, since I always like buying music from iTunes &/or Google Play.
The CD I picked up was called Glory and I read a few things about it including he did a track called “Where Are You” which was about loosing his Father to suicide.

He also did a track called Impossible with Thousand Foot Krutch frontman Trevor McNevan

Needless to say I’ve been inspired to write a bunch after listening to this album and I’ve been wanting to hear more, and since I have been surfing iTunes & Google Play looking at his music thinking about buying more too, at this time I haven’t.. Lack of money at this present time… But I do have a few albums on my watch list.

Back to listening…


So I watched Finding Neverland

I took four hours out of my day to watch Finding Neverland, ya know the latest documentary about Michael Jackson and what he may or may not have done to children.

Honestly I don’t know what I think of it, he does make a very compelling story about what happened and all but I guess I’m standing on that line in the middle of “did he” or “didn’t he”

I was originally thinking about doing a big write up shortly after I finished watching things but then I decided to let things sit and between that one (Finding Neverland) and the one about R. Kelly … The one about R. Kelly hit me harder

So I’ll just keep things short and to the point