Barnes and Noble …. ???

Well as a surprise, guess what ? I got an email from Barnes & Noble at 4:37pm They approved me, so it’s just something else I get to do… I’m looking forward to it… I wonder how long it’ll take them to accept my first book through them… Ken Advertisements

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Google Play Books = Internal Error

Whew, that had me worried… With me saying about my account getting flagged I was definitely worried about the future of things with google, but apparently it was just an internal error that flagged it… The flag has been removed, the two books that were waiting to get approved didn’t get approved yet as I […]

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This Could Be Bad ?!

I signed into my google account for my ebooks to see if everything is live, turns out everything except two of my recent additions are live. That’s not the concerning thing, the concerning thing is that I have a yellow banner across the top of the page that says “Your Account Is Under Review” Reading […]

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I’m A Stats Man…Apparently

Alright let me give you some insider info in regards to distribution, you have lots of distributors out there who say “we can get you into 100+ stores”  I have even seen sites list 400+ stores too.. When it comes to writing you have five major online stores: Amazon Kobo Barnes & Noble Google Play […]

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Being Independent

Being an independent writer is fucking awesome. I recently chose to walk away from a distributor because I figured I would just do everything myself. Now I know that my books aren’t going to be everywhere since some places are more difficult to get listed with than others (like iBooks … Apple’s own bookstore) .. […]

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Father’s Day – June 16

So as time approaches rather gingerly at this time, we’re just under a week away from Father’s Day. Like many young men who are going to be turning 38 this year in October. I don’t have a Father. It’s not that I never had one, just mine isn’t living. My Dad died in 2005, a […]

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Going To Take A Few Days

From what I read the current distributor says it can take a few working days, since I uploaded things yesterday I don’t see things changing until next week So I very well may take it upon myself to add more to my google play books listings.. I may do that today Actually there isn’t going […]

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Changing Up

I’ve read a few articles online where people have said when they change distributors they upload everything from minute one… I don’t do this method, I have over 100 releases and that option isn’t best for me, each distributor does things differently and I didn’t think I would find one that would actually talk shit […]

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IT’S ON !!!

So yesterday I left smashwords, I was content with staying with google but after sitting and relaxing for a bit my mind said “nah I want to keep my shit distributed, so who can I go with ?” I sent out three emails, I got one reply… I waited a few more hours then thought… […]

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