We’ve All Been There

As the clock ticks through the day I’ve looked for so many ways to escape. Back when I was in school, I wondered what would I have to do Would it truly matter what I did, I know it didn’t matter to me, how about you ? I woke up the next morning and went […]

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Thought you would have had it figured out by now Thought you would have quit the lying and bullshit by now But neither one doesn’t ever seem like it’s going to change Guess your just too stuck in your ways Guess I’m not apart of your end of days But every time you talk it’s […]

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God Loves Ugly

Looking at the world Seeing that it has so much ugly God loves ugly Ugly is a way of being unique Not everything is perfectly packaged Not everything is cookie cutter God loves ugly I am Ugly Ken

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Wheel Of Lies

Welcome everyone to the wheel of lies.. Today’s contestant is ? {host} What’s your name sir ? {Ken} My name is Ken {host} Welcome to the wheel of lies, Ken. Let’s see how she’s going to lie to you this week… Please spin the wheel [Ken gives the wheel a big spin] [as the wheel […]

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Lost and Alone

When your lost and alone Your left searching For something that Isn’t there When your lost and alone All you can do is hope that Someone shines light on Your darkness At times it doesn’t matter who is the hand That reaches out to you It’s just nice to know That someone cares Someone unexpected […]

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Yesterday I found myself at a funeral. Sitting in the pew listening to the Deacon Who got saying that ones life is there legacy, almost at that moment my mind drifted It started to analyze my life It started to analyze both current and past I began to grow tired of things in my past. […]

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My Brain Is Cursed

Ever since I can remember I know the thoughts that transmit inside my head Aren’t normal When I use to walk the hallways alone I can still hear them picking me me At times it’s louder than others Just when I think I have flushed it from my brain Something gets brought up and it […]

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The Mind Is A Powerful Thing

The mind is a powerful thing But it can affect you in very bad ways When your thoughts start to decline Your mind doesn’t kick back and recline It will feed off it Constantly give you the same thoughts back To sink you deeper into that hole Woke up this morning, started to think to […]

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