Bitches, Out The Door

I’ve been kicking bitches out the door To vacate them from my life, so fast it’ll make ones head spin. I’m not here to put up with your stupidity When I clearly see that your just doing it for attention If you want someone to play superman Go to a comic con, I’m sure you’ll […]

Done Clownin Around

Done Clownin Around Women like you are a dime a dozen When the day ends, I’ll keep my dime and trade y’all in I don’t want anyone for a short term I’m here to stay for the long term But games is something I won’t play If I want to play games, I got a […]

Two Faced Crazy

Two Faced Crazy I watched the way you acted when we were together It made no sense to me, it made me wonder if you were cheating on your husband But you wanted to try and keep it a secret from me You claimed you had been cheated on so much in the past Now […]

Bitches Play Games, Real Women Don’t

Bitches Play Games, Real Women Don’t Bitches play games, they toy you around They act like this shit is a “game” Some even claim they can play this “game” better than anyone If you think love is a game, your a bitch and you already lost Time to move on, looking for a real woman […]

When I Grew Up

When I Grew Up When I was younger fairy tales started with once upon a time They would take you to another place Talk about dragons, or other things that were fictional Perhaps even finding love easily, you know fictional things They would help me fall asleep, dream of things Helping me drift off to […]