Echoes Of My Words

It’s on smashwords & google play right now It will hit the rest of the world in about three days.. click the cover to read it on smashwords or use your phone / tablet to find it on google

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I feel like I should give the warning of this is so stupid that I’m not making this up, not even a little. So this happened a few years before me and my ex split… So Mom went to visit her boyfriend and she use to tell us when she would be home but this […]

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It took me a while almost a month… 19 days ago I set out to redo all my covers and get everything changed up showcasing my real name Today when I signed on, I seen I had 10 left to do… I was thinking of only doing four or five thinking i’ll do the rest […]

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Had a few bounce backs

With my progression of changing everything over, I have had a few bounce backs where I had to go deep into my editing to get things accepted for distribution once again. It’s not a fun task, but so far today I think I did six new titles but I could be wrong… I’m slowly making […]

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Cottage Chapter 8

We’re back at his cottage with him. After spending a day out walking around the area looking at all the other cottages and the scenic views that he came across he’s now back home, dressed in normal clothing but still wondering how anyone could possibly love him. Venturing around the property glancing out at the […]

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Cottage Chapter 7

As he roams the woods feeling disfigured and ejected from society, he wonders how could anyone possibly see him the same and how can anyone possibly love the disfigured man that he is now. He roams up a hill will he gets to gaze out onto the lake, he sits himself down to gaze out […]

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