Echoes Of My Words

It’s on smashwords & google play right now It will hit the rest of the world in about three days.. click the cover to read it on smashwords or use your phone / tablet to find it on google Advertisements

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It took me a while almost a month… 19 days ago I set out to redo all my covers and get everything changed up showcasing my real name Today when I signed on, I seen I had 10 left to do… I was thinking of only doing four or five thinking i’ll do the rest […]

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Had a few bounce backs

With my progression of changing everything over, I have had a few bounce backs where I had to go deep into my editing to get things accepted for distribution once again. It’s not a fun task, but so far today I think I did six new titles but I could be wrong… I’m slowly making […]

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Think my erotica is…

I think my erotica is coming to an end, I don’t mean Dare 3. I mean in general. I’ve gotten a few messages from ebook retailers and very little of them want to carry them anymore because of the potential content that people write about. Erotica has always been something that walks that line of […]

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50 Shades Of Ken – OUT NOW

So the book I’ve been working on is called 50 Shades Of Ken It’s OUT NOW !! By clicking the cover below you can read it on smashwords, or you can check the vaults cause it has been uploaded to them… Or if you want to dive into google play books it’s already listed on […]

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ePub – Struck Out

As I said in a previous post I was going to start doing all my releases from then on as epub however that ran into a problem, so what’s the problem ? Epub means that you need a special app / software in order to read it, which means it’s counting out the possible millions […]

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