What Am I Up To ?

So I haven’t posted anything new in terms of poetry / writing so what have I been up to for the last four / five days.. I admit it I’m a geek and love testing out new software, no I’m not back into windows insider testing although I am testing the new version of Microsoft Edge (based on Chrome). I have also been downloading games on my xbox one and keeping my steam programs up to date as per usual. I’ve also been testing out new programs, like new video program for watching videos on, new audio program for listening … Continue reading What Am I Up To ?

This is going to end badly… Updated 02/07

Welcome to my first post about Technology, I actually just added this category today within second before typing this. No this doesn’t mean that I’m back to being a windows insider, I have decided to stay away from that for the time being. I just feel at this time I don’t have the time to dedicate towards being one that I would like to donate to. Anyways so the fine people of OnMSFT.com posted an article that popped up on my facebook feed last night that apparently Microsoft and Mozilla engineers have been kinda going blow for blow on twitter … Continue reading This is going to end badly… Updated 02/07