ePub – The Standard

Ever since I signed up with Smashwords I always did everything in doc format so that it has the max amount of distribution including simple text reading, however since my numbers have started to drop drastically I decided to do a bit of research and found that when it comes to ebooks the standard in […]

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Vaults ?!?! – More Than One ?

Yes it’s true I’ve decided to do a second vault, while it appears that illegal ebook sites are becoming a very popular source right now. I have decided to upload my own ebooks for free for anyone who wants them. Right now I have one vault setup, that is with Google Drive, when you click […]

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The Vault !

I’ve always been one to keep up on sites I use, staying up to date with any news they put out as well as any news similar sites put out so I can keep up with the trends and perhaps see what is coming my way or if need be a good alternative if one […]

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