Cottage Chapter 6

He woke up around 7am from tossing and turning, he got out of bed but clearly his body wasn’t ready as one of his legs was still asleep and he went crashing down to the ground with a large thump, being a larger man himself smacking his face off a near by table as he […]

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Cottage – Chapter 5

She tried to lure him out from the bushes but he didn’t respond, so where is he ? We see him walking out of his cottage down to the lake, looking out at the calm water as he begins to speak to himself. But he’s hard to understand since he has a speech impediment. As […]

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Think my erotica is…

I think my erotica is coming to an end, I don’t mean Dare 3. I mean in general. I’ve gotten a few messages from ebook retailers and very little of them want to carry them anymore because of the potential content that people write about. Erotica has always been something that walks that line of […]

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Ask My Mom

Ask my Mom, was one of the most common phrases that my ex has said to me when we were together. Honestly at times I didn’t know if I was dating her or her Mom… As a good (or perhaps great person) I try to learn and understand about people that I’m close to. So […]

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The Ex In-laws Dog

You know in my entire life I have never seen a dog more fucking privileged then the Ex In-laws Dog, I couldn’t believe it. That little four legged thing had more privileged than me and I’m human. That dog got treated like he was a god on four legs. I never understood that, but the […]

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50 Shades Of Ken – OUT NOW

So the book I’ve been working on is called 50 Shades Of Ken It’s OUT NOW !! By clicking the cover below you can read it on smashwords, or you can check the vaults cause it has been uploaded to them… Or if you want to dive into google play books it’s already listed on […]

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