More Erotica ? Yes ? No ?…. Scoop

I remember talking in a previous post about how it’s becoming difficult for me to get the erotica distributed so there’s a good chance that little to no more will be coming out of me… hehe coming … Anywho when I submit any to my distributor I have to go through a brief check list: If my Erotica includes any of the following that is not checked off then there’s a good chance that various ebook distributors will turn it down because they won’t touch it. Truth be told I already modify some of it when I write it, it’s … Continue reading More Erotica ? Yes ? No ?…. Scoop

Think my erotica is…

I think my erotica is coming to an end, I don’t mean Dare 3. I mean in general. I’ve gotten a few messages from ebook retailers and very little of them want to carry them anymore because of the potential content that people write about. Erotica has always been something that walks that line of what retailers will accept and what they won’t accept and it appears that less and less are accepting it. So I don’t know what I’m going to do, I may just stop writing it all together I haven’t fully decided at this point in time. … Continue reading Think my erotica is…

Dare 3 ?!?!?

Yes it’s true, I have ideas to write Dare 3… Although one thing stopping me, I tend to like to bounce ideas off a female. I more so do this to try and give it an authentic feel, since at times people react a little differently than you would expect. At this point in time I’ve had no luck, so there is a chance that it might not be happening, as the light that was once bright is getting dimmed… Perhaps nobody wants to read erotica anymore ? Ken Continue reading Dare 3 ?!?!?

Going To Try Something Different..

So my last release had all of one read on my distributor, which lets face it.. it’s a fucking drag. So it’s making me reconsider sending things out to be distributed with them. Or at all truth be told. Which got me thinking and no doubt is the reason why I didn’t sleep that great last night, maybe it’s time to try something different. Maybe it’s time to take things into my own hands and try something very different. Something that I haven’t done before What’s the worse to happen ?, another book with zero downloads or zero reads ? … Continue reading Going To Try Something Different..